The flexible PVC tiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Floormore can be moulded in various colours and in most cases we can colour match. The gallery pictures show the flooring used at a wedding reception where it made a great dance floor. Floormore can also be used to protect you patio its ideal for standing BBQs on and is easy to clean when hot fat has been spilled.


The tiles are anti-fatigue, hardwearing and will lay on most uneven surfaces including grass. The design allows water to flow underneath the tiles, are anti slip and very easy to clean. Each tile is 500mm x 500mm square by 10mm thick and is made up of 9 smaller tiles. This makes the time to lay them much faster. We can also arrange these in patterns of your choice, making them bespoke and unique to the buyer.


The flooring is put together very simply by snapping together and tapping with a soft mallet and it is best to start the pattern from the left corner, then work from left to right. There is no need for messy adhesives and minimal business disruption. This product is 100% recyclable. We also do an edging strip to give it the finishing touches.

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