Floormore is a unique PVC flooring, great for your garage flooring, marquee, dance floors, showrooms, gyms, industrial uses, stables, walkways, kennels, door mats etc.


The key features of floormore:

  • Interlocking design which makes it quick and easy to lay, a standard 15 square metres single garage  will only take roughly 30 minutes with no cuts

  • Flexible - Made from PVC means they are incredibly ductile and will lay on most surfaces

  • Long Lasting, durable and gain minimal damage over a long period of  time

  • Versatile making them easy to lift and re-use

  • Ideal for temporary uses for example marquee flooring, dance floors, show rooms etc.

  • The design allows water to flow underneath keeping the surface dry

  • Anti-slip so if liquids are spilt on floormore they are easy to clean up

  • Anti-fatigue which means they are more comfortable to walk on

  • Warm, insulating the subfloor from cold and damp

  • Quiet reducing noise

  • If the tiles do get damaged they are cheap to replace

  • Easy to clean just sweep the dirt away, or wipe with mop/cloth

  • Floormore is 100% recyclable.